Still in ICU

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This was the last post I made to CaringBridge. I started writing another but it never made it  out of Draft form. Teresa has been partially discharged. The kidney doctors have discharged her because her creatinine is normal, as are sodium and potassium, but they won’t print out the labs, and they won’t release them into MyChart until she’s … Continued

Into The Woods

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Starting October 24, Teresa began taking her latest chemo: Cabometyx (cabozantinib). She managed 13 days before the heartburn side effect, and by day 13, nausea, became too much for her. We texted Dr. M and got a chemo break for … Continued

A Whirlwind Week

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And then some. Apologies for the delay. I know, for those of you who follow Teresa’s new (public) page on Facebook that I kept saying I’d update here with more detail, but I’ve simply lacked the mental and physical energy … Continued