Help T’s Widow with Medical Costs

It is an unfortunate truth that medical costs these days are so high, that to continue receiving treatment and/or continuing to afford daily life, many people have to start a personal fundraiser. Regrettably, Teresa got to that point pretty fast.

As of January 2020, Amanda was still paying Teresa’s medical bills, which were sent to Collections; not for lack of payments, but because apparently that’s what is done once someone dies.  There’s a collection agency *just* for the deceased. They were horrified by what the hospital did to Teresa, and filed for malpractice on Amanda’s behalf (against everyone except T’s FNP, oncologist, and her cardiologist). Amanda never got another bill. 

Teresa’s PayPal, GoogleWallet, YouCaring/GoFund Me accounts are all closed. Please do not try to send money through them.

If you shop on Amazon, here is a way you can help all patients currently fighting leiomyosarcoma:

Please consider using when you shop.

When asked, designate Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research Foundation or the National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation as your charity so that Amazon will direct a portion of their sales for research of this deadly, aggressive, and rare cancer. It costs you nothing but a moment of time to make the designation! This is such a rare disease and research is currently our only hope! And research will bring us to a cure!

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