Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I stayed with Teresa last night. One, to be with her. Two, so I could catch Dr. Greene in the morning. (He comes by early!)

We may get pathology today, but it could be tomorrow now.

Her hemoglobin is up to 9.1!

Although path isn’t back, Greene said she’ll need some kind of therapy, chemo or otherwise, to help melt the last bits of tumor he couldn’t safely get out. (He didn’t want her to bleed out, and he didn’t want to risk damage to her other organs.) 

So far, it’s not a radical hysterectomy. He did remove ovaries and most of the uterus, but not her cervix. This doesn’t mean that further surgery won’t be necessary down the road.

He will have an order put in to move her from full liquid diet to regular diet!

She can bathe/shower now. We decided a nurse should do it first, and then I can learn from that experience, so I can do that for her going forward.

He will need to have at least one follow-up appointment, in about a week, to take her staples out and see how she’s doing.

She must continue the breathing exercises at least 2-3 days. It’s a challenge, so may be more.

She can be discharged tomorrow if she feels ready, but Friday seems more likely at this point as the earliest. Walking is still very difficult.


With my Mom and I helping, Teresa was able to take her first shower today. There’s a chair in the shower, so she could sit down the whole time. She also got a new bed (hers kept locking up), and new sheets. We have a clean gown and clean socks for her too. It should help her feel a lot better!

She is partial to Pantene, but it makes me break out. Once she’s out of the hospital, she’s willing to try my shampoo and conditioner.  Mom is helping her get her toenails trimmed too, since T can’t bend over to do them.

We got her hairbrush washed before the shower too, so it would be nice and clean post-shower. 

(Hospital gowns are confusing when they’re completely unhooked!)

Dr. Greene played her taking our regular antihistamine, and it seems to be helping some.

Despite feeling tired from the shower, Teresa is feeling good and refreshed!

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