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Hotels: The ceremony and reception will be held at The Red Coach InnIdeally, of course, we’d love to have as many of you as possible staying right in the Inn, for visiting and catching up. If enough people want to stay there, we may be able to set aside a block of rooms, which would provide a 10% discount for everyone. So if you plan to stay at the Inn, please let us know as soon as possible!

But don’t feel that you have to stay at the Inn! To find other hotels in the area, click on (the address of the Red Coach Inn is already keyed), and click “search nearby”. Type in hotels (or motels, or whatever you prefer), and press the search button. You will get a list of hotels on the left, and on the map, a number of red dots, showing you where each hotel is in relation to the Red Coach Inn.

Grocery stores: Wegman’s and Tops are two of the best grocery stores you will find in the Buffalo / Niagara area!

Here are links to the official sites to get you started:

1. Passport Information (Usable for land, sea, and air travel.)

2. Passport Card Information (Usable for land and travel, NOT air!)

3. Birth Certificate (Where to write for vital records – different for each state, and needed if you’ve never had a passport/passport card.)



Which should I get: Passport or Passport card?: Passport cards are much less expensive than passports, and let you do everything a passport will let you do except travel outside the county by air.

When should I apply for a passport card? Can I get one at the last minute?: Processing times are generally 4-6 weeks, though for an extra fee, you can get your passport more quickly. Sometimes the government will surprise you, though! We mailed our applications on February 20, and had both cards by March 11. But don’t count on it. Because it can take weeks to months to receive your passport/passport card. If you need one, it would be smart to start the process early. Today would be a good day!

What documents will I need? If you have never had a passport/passport card before, you will need a certified copy of your birth certificate. The process for getting this varies from state to state. I can tell you that for Virginia, it can take a month or more, so it would be smart to get going! 

What if I’d rather not go to Canada? If you’d rather not go, or are unable to secure a passport or passport card by our wedding day, please do not fret. We will have the wedding, the reception, and the late evening of June 5 to spend time with everyone. There are also plenty of fun attractions in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls area if you’d prefer to go off on your own. And we’ll see you back at the Inn later!

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