About the Couple

Chalk Up Another Romance to the Internet!

About Teresa

Teresa has loved Science for as long as she can remember, particularly the Earth Sciences. She earned her AS in Physical Science from NCC in 1993. In 1995, she earned her BS in Meteorology, with a minor in Mathematics, from SUNY Oswego. She enjoys problem solving and is currently working at a technical support desk. She would love to tutor students in science or mathematics. And have her own weather observation equipment, set up in the backyard of our future Log Cabin. A home-built backyard observatory. And a horse! 

About Amanda

Amanda always dreamed of being a published author. She earned her BA from Ferrum College in 2001, majoring in in Journalism, History, and Russian. In 2009, she earned her MBA in Economic Crime & Fraud Management from Utica College. She is interested in helping victims of identity theft. She would like to be a perpetual student. And publish more books. (Her first book, a collection of art, poetry, and photography, Echoes, was published in May 2012 through The Book Patch.) And have a recording contract. And a horse! 

How We Met

We both had profiles on Match.com. Teresa found Amanda very shortly after joining, and added her to her favorites list. Thankfully, Amanda wrote her to ask why, and well, the rest, as they say, is history!

Our Life Together

We’re currently living in Abingdon, Virginia, in a cozy, two-bedroom duplex. Our adjacent neighbor says she’s always glad to see us every few days since we’re so quiet — and we could say the same for her. We’ve enjoyed fixing up our place, decorating it with our many treasures.

Abingdon is a very small town (population 8,191), but generally artsy (home of the Barter Theatre – the state theatre) and friendly. As we are both wolf lovers, we were amused to learn that the town was originally named Wolf Hills in 1760, by Daniel Boone.

We live with our dignified, brilliant, nearly human cat, Marble, and Faden (Fay-den) and Flash, affectionately known as “The Boys.” They’re all rescue kitties! We hope to be able to adopt more pets in the future when we have more room.

The longer we live together, the more we discover just how much we have in common — an uncanny number of things — a continuously wonderful discovery experience!

In our future, we see a custom-built log cabin home or stone cottage or a Hobbit house, plenty of space for animals (including horses!), a vegetable garden, Teresa’s weather observation equipment, and whatever else we think of between now and then. Not too far from civilization, but far enough to have peace and quiet. Perhaps one day we’ll even open up a gluten and dairy-free, pet-friendly Bed & Breakfast.

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