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Yes, the Wedding finally happened!!

We got married in New York state! We thought the law legalizing marriage in NY would never be passed. We’ve never been so happy to be wrong! The wedding was a small, private affair with close friends and family. We hope to have a larger reception/party in Virginia later this summer or fall.

Our wedding date was Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

Why a Wednesday? Click here to find out!

Last updated June 23, 2013 – This was the last date our wedding website was updated. I moved it under Teresa’s site on July 27, 2021. 2 1/2 years + 4 days from her passing.

Wedding Style: Formal, indoors, with a touch of Lord of the Rings. We will wear full-length wedding gowns and our maid and matron of honor will wear Regency Purple formal gowns in the style of their choosing. Our wedding colors are Kelly Green and Regency Purple.

Guests should wear: Clothing appropriate for a formal early June wedding in western NY. Please check the forecast, link available here, and keep in mind that although June is a summer month, early June is still spring, and it may still be cool weather-wise. Bring comfortable clothes to change into, as well as an up-to-date passport or passport card, and if you wish, join us after the reception for a fun foray across the border to enjoy what Canada has to offer!

Post-Reception (Into Canada): After our reception, everyone (who has a passport) is invited to change into comfortable clothes, and come with us to Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada! Here is what their website has to say about the experience:

“Clifton Hill boasts some of Niagara Falls’ best theme restaurants and dining chains that cater to many different tastes…and for those looking to enjoy the nightlife, there are plenty of popular hot spots just waiting for you to explore. Clifton Hill also offers some of the best in retail with its collection of specialty gift shops, confectionery stores and one of a kind souvenir outlets.”

Click here to find out exactly what Clifton Hill has to offer! Amanda has been once before, several years ago (it was the first time she ever saw virtual video games!) with a friend and one of her cousins, and has wanted to go back ever since. We imagine that going with a large group will be a lot of fun.

Area information: Hotels & Grocery stores

Passport/Passport card information: As we mentioned above, we will be heading to Canada after the reception for a fun evening, and hope you’ll be able to join us. Go here for helpful information.

Directions: Click here, then click “Directions,” for specific directions to the Red Coach Inn from your location.

Alternatives to Driving:

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