Vomiting Blood . . .

She coughed up/vomited about 450cc of blood tonight. Not something that looks like coffee grounds, dark, bloody liquid. Bloody lips. I’m on my way down now. I found out through a friend who told me what was going on but was unable to pass along any of my questions, so I had to call and then rush down.

She’s getting an abdominal CT to make sure a tumor didn’t rupture. Only because I asked. They were not going to scan her otherwise! 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Mom is thinking it might be the potassium they gave her earlier on an empty stomach. (Remember: The nurses yesterday never looked at the X-ray to see that the feeding tube is in her stomach, not her intestines. So she’s NPO but they’re still putting meds into her stomach…and I only came across one nurse after that who was aware that the feeding tube was only in her stomach. So I’m not even sure word was passed along to the others. The one who knew the info was the one who read through T’s chart before doing anything with her.)

MUCH later that night and CT results are back. No sign of bleeding from any of the tumors. No sign of any active bleeding in abdominal area. Nurse said he would guess an ulcer or small blood vessel popped and bled out its supply. It hasn’t happened again. (And as of January 17, she hasn’t vomited again at all. Fingers crossed that doesn’t change!)

She got a unit of blood. She’s tired but coherent and oriented.

The tumor in her lung and liver have grown marginally since the CT on 12/31. (Like, a centimeter.)

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