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A long weekend in the Smoky Mountains! It was supposed to be a week, but with chemo, you have to plan things week-by-week, almost day-by day. We went up to Bristol, VA, on Tuesday, after a great 3 days, for chemo, and my numbers weren’t great. We decided not to go back for the remainder of the week . . . too risky.


I think it worked out well, because we were both just exhausted; it was more “doing” in the 3 days we were there than we have done in months. It was so great to see everyone and to have fun doing things. We didn’t end up doing things as a big group. Most wanted to do more strenuous things than I’m currently capable of doing, like hiking and zip lining.


Amanda and I did several activities in Pigeon Forge that we usually don’t stop for, but we decided this time, we’d just do it! The interactive Hollywood wax museum and the Rockin’ Raceway Arcade were a blast! (Amanda is going to put photos from several things we tried out on Facebook as soon as she can, and she will find a way to share them elsewhere for those of you who do not have Facebook. She will probably post a link on CaringBridge when they’re available.)


Teresa & Charlie's Angels
Teresa & Charlie’s Angels – March 18, 2018


Monday we got to have a fun day with our nephew, Owen. We raced on multiple go-kart tracks at the NASCAR SpeedPark. I think I only beat him once! Dad and Amanda raced too, but the competition was between me and Owen. Amanda’s Mom, and Brian’s mom, Andi, were with us too. After we had enough driving, the 6 of us went to the Rockin’ Raceway Arcade. This was where the competition between Dad and Amanda really shined. They love competing. So Owen and I went off and did our own games and had a blast!

It would have been nice if we had time to do more things with the rest of the family. The time we did spend together was two evenings at the cabin the 7 of them were staying at, having dinner and chatting while they watched basketball on TV.


I mentioned that when we went for my chemo, my numbers weren’t so great, but Dr. Musgrave okayed me having chemo anyway. Yesterday we went back to the Cancer Center (this is my off-week) to have a complete blood count panel run, and I’m rebounding! WBC (white blood cell) count is up! Yay! We’re off on another adventure! This time just with Amanda’s Mom.

We will leave for Texas early this Thursday. We’re driving. It’s a 16 or so hour drive.

This trip is hopefully two-fold; one to try to check out another cancer center — MD Anderson. I don’t have an appointment yet, but we’d like to take a look at it in person, if possible; get a feeling for the area. And this time period coincides with the 40th anniversary/reunion event of a “little” 1970’s – 1990’s TV show that only aired for 13 years. 😉 More on that when we get back!


Over all, I feel pretty good! Most weeks my numbers are good. I haven’t had any nausea. Not been as tired on this chemo. Working on plans for some friends to visit in Roanoke, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them!


All for now!

Over and out.

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