Treatment Myths

If you have cancer, no matter what kind, or you are caring for a loved one with cancer, inevitably someone will tell you to try one of the following ridiculous things. Many are harmful. Please don’t try them. 

  1. No, B17 is not a vitamin. No, B17 is not a cure. Yes, B17 IS cyanide (aka poison). Read about it here.
  2. Bananas, overripe or not, will not cure your cancer.
  3. The Gerson “Therapy,” is, just like the coffee enemas included in the regimen, a load of crap. There’s only one way I want to have coffee and an enema isn’t it.
  4. There’s so many, I couldn’t possibly list all the bogus (and often dangerous) treatments. Even if a treatment in and of itself isn’t dangerous, it still is if it keeps the patient from seeking actual medical treatment. Here is a long, long list of things that will not help get rid of cancer.

On this site, you can submit questions you’ve heard about cancer and get them answered.

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