The information shared here is what Amanda has compiled together. We realize it’s above and beyond what some people can follow, so we don’t want to include it in CaringBridge. But we wanted it to be available for anyone who is curious — or for anyone who may actually need it. Some may only be relevant to sarcomas. But always double check if you see something that sounds good. We’d see something that was helpful for one type of cancer, and research to see if anything had been tried with that drug, concept, etc, for sarcomas, particularly leiomyosarcoma.

When things went downhill, which didn’t take long, we stopped keeping up with this. Amanda may go back and add data to it later, as she can stand to, to help others.


  1. Metastasis
  2. Tumor Testing (Estrogen, Progesterone, and Androgen receptors)

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