I know that for every family, there are always multiple family trees. So, if there’s anyone reading this who is also doing a Grabler or Wagner (or otherwise related) family tree, and you’d like a copy of her full obituary for your tree, please let me know when you sign the guestbook, and I’ll email you a PDF of it, so you won’t lose the formatting. You can also link here as a primary source. I believe most family tree sites let you do that. I know Geni does, which is where the tree Teresa started exists. 

You can find me on Geni under Amanda Grabler and my genealogy e-mail address is

I’m also on Ancestry and MyHeritage, but mostly for research purposes. I also currently have access to and the Ancestry research (worldwide) and would be happy to look up people for you until my memberships expire! (I wait for sales, otherwise most of the genealogy sites are a little too pricey to have upgraded memberships.)

If you are on Geni, or even if you’re not but you want to start a basic profile there (that’s what I did on MyHeritage and Ancestry), let me know that too, and I’ll get you added to the family group so that we can share tree info. I’ve learned that even the volunteer curators at Geni don’t always find everything! It really is a collaborative job to make sure you didn’t miss something. It also breaks down the connections person by person so you can see lineage, and tells you exactly how you’re related to someone, which is really cool (and so much simpler than trying to work out all of it by yourself!). 

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