T’s obituary went live via The Roanoke Times on Thursday, January 23, 2020, which is the 1 year anniversary of her death. Their print and online version is incredibly short. You can find the online copy here. (A PDF copy will be available soon for those who are not subscribed to The Roanoke Times.) They wanted just under $2100.00 for the obituary Amanda wrote! And it didn’t even look good with their formatting. So we submitted the bare minimum content . . . which came in at $311. Luckily, they let us include a link that directs people here.

If you follow the links below, you will be able to read her full-length obituary, and sign her guestbook. We’d truly appreciate you signing it!

Teresa was really invested in genealogy and we’d been working on family trees on and off over the years.  We even did ancestry DNA tests. Amanda has been trying to get Teresa’s family tree as complete as possible; to finish what T started.  If you’ve also worked on a Grabler, Wagner, or otherwise Related family tree, please click here to read more about how we can best share information. 

Amanda wants to thank (again) her Mom, her older brother Brian, and her dear friend Lana Whited for their help with Teresa’s obituary. She couldn’t have done it without you.

Much of the content in her obituary has been linked to external sites to help you better explore and learn about Teresa.

-Updated January 23, 2020-

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Summer’s Breeze by Amanda Grabler

(Amanda wrote this for their wedding; it was read by a friend of Teresa’s.)

Summer’s breeze is lilting, lilting,
Carrying my heart along.
Summer’s scent is swiftly, swiftly,
Filling up my heart with song.

Summer’s when we two did marry,
Gaily, gaily, joyous days.
Summer’s days are filled with promise,
Always, always, come what may.

When we met, I knew, I knew,
That you and I were meant to be.
I shall always be beside you,
One and one is always two.

Brightest blessings—we have many
Merry meet but never part,
Forever meant to be together —
You’re deep within my heart of hearts.

Tiger Lily - Teresa's favorite flower.


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