May Trip to NYC

Sorry I’m a little behind in my blogging. This one is about my trip to NY in May.

It worked out that the week in between treatments was also the week between my Mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day. We were able to go out to lunch with my Mom on the Wednesday in between both, and get a little shopping done at Kohl’s! It was a really fun day!

The rest of the week was spent with family and friends. I had to limit this trip to people who have contacted me via phone or text, or who traveled to NY to see me. I know I left a few of you, who have contacted me, out, but you are on the top of my list for making plans with on my next trip up!

I spent a wonderful evening with my longtime childhood friend, Jimmy. We sat on my Mom’s front porch and talked forever. It seemed so much like old times. It’s great to chat with someone who has so many of the same memories. Reminiscing about Mrs. Cunning’s garden to Uncle Danny’s cherry tree; games of wiffle ball in front of the houses, to riding bikes corner to corner. After he left, I thought of at least 20 more things to say, all starting with, “Hey, remember….”. The conversation could have gone on for days, but now we have that for the next visit.


Thursday we had lunch with our good friend Lisa. We met at a gluten-free restaurant in Oakdale. Our (mine and Lisa’s) mutual friend Chris joined us. He was up from DC for the week for a wedding. He was a student of Lisa’s and a classmate of mine. It was great to see them both. Wish the visit was longer, but alas, everyone had more plans for the day. Including us. After lunch, we headed off to see family. In this case, it was some of my double cousins. We can say this because we are related on both sides of the family. Jeanne has been in contact with Amanda, and we were invited to visit their summer home out on the island. Awesome place! We walked some on the beach, and had a delicious dinner. Jeanne’s son Timmy, and his girlfriend Kaitlin, were there too. We just love the firefighter items he gave us. I wear the jacket all the time (I claimed the blue one). Amanda loves the black one. The pouch in front is perfect for her phone. It was a wonderful evening.

The next three days were spent in Manhattan. Amanda’s phone records steps taken, and she said we did 12 miles total over those 3 days! I impressed myself!

Friday was the easiest of the 3 in the city. We walked around for a bit, and then had dinner with friends of Amanda. They came in from the Poconos to have dinner with us at a gluten free restaurant at 23rd and Lexington. After dinner, a little more walking in Manhattan, then we took the train back to Queens.

My friend Maria came down from New Hampshire on Friday evening, so she could spend Saturday with us. She got a hotel near my Mom. When we got back from the city Friday evening, I took Maria over to Rosa’s Pizza for her to get dinner. As far as I’m concerned, Rosa’s has the best pizza around. It’s been on many official lists of the top 10’s in NYC, and I tend to agree.

Saturday was another day in the city. This one much longer and much more walking! We spent time at Rockefeller Center and the Nintendo Store. Maria and I got hot dogs from street carts, but our mistake was they weren’t Sabretts. Way too spicy! We were hungry and went to the first cart we saw, not looking at the umbrella. Won’t make that mistake again! Later, we made up for it and got soft pretzels. Yummy! Helped keep our energy up as our goal now was the NYC Public Library (with the famous stone lions). That place is huge! I think the last time I was there was when I was in elementary school. I spent most of my time looking for places which were shown in the movie The Day After Tomorrow with Jake Gyllenhaal.  I saw a few . . . and now I want to re-watch the movie for the 10th time!

Afterward, we headed downtown to Senza, near Sullivan and Bleeker, for dinner. For anyone visiting NY, or those who live there, I would highly recommend this place.

What a fun, awesome day! The three of us had such a great time!


Sunday was our last day in NY. Another day in the city. This one was just me and Amanda. Her Dad got us tickets to see Hello, Dolly! with Bernadette Peters and Victor Garber. It was FABULOUS!!!!! After that, another trip to Senza. The waitress recognized us from the day before, even though she wasn’t our waitress on Saturday! The place was packed both days, so I’m really glad we made reservations!


I have to say I really enjoy getting together with everyone. It’s the best medicine.


We will plan another trip up, hopefully in the near future. I am looking forward to getting together with those I couldn’t see on this trip. Please message, email, or call me, or Amanda, so we can work out the details…make the plans…set the date!

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