Journaling through Cancer

A great many of you followed Teresa’s experience via CaringBridge. Most of you know that we had to leave CaringBridge, though if you login, you can still read the old entries. I haven’t taken them down. The reason we stopped posting there was due to privacy issues with someone we knew in Abingdon, who caused us a lot of stress. Just days before Teresa died, we got everything setup on a private site hosted off our GrablerOnline site.

As I have time and energy, I’m going to go back through those entries, clear out contact info and such, and link that site up here. Don’t get rid of your login info if you signed up on the version of the journal we setup off of this site; you’ll still need it to comment on any posts.

I’ll be doing this partially because I know sometimes, people just want to go back and re-read, and also because when T was first diagnosed, reading these kinds of posts from other LMS patients was really helpful. T loved helping people, and if what she went through can help anyone else go a little further, she’d like that.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


22 January 2020

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