January 25 – Confirming it was Teresa at the funeral home

Today at the funeral home may be even worse than at the hospital after she died. The hospital who did so much wrong by her and then, even knowing better, told the funeral home that I was her daughter instead of her wife. 😭

The funeral home let us bring in one of our cats to see her. I wanted to bring Flash because he was really her little guy. Faden is mine. I’m sure we could have brought both, but Flash has been looking for her.

My parents picked out a really pretty outfit for her, one she would have liked, as I can’t bear to part with any of her clothes. And hers wouldn’t have fit. 🙁

I brought our wedding bands so I could take one last photo of our hands together. I’m keeping both rings together. Hers got too big for her. I got so itchy from the hospital I had to stop wearing mine but I keep them together in a box in my pocket much of the time.

My heart is shattered. 💔 I can’t live without her. I have no strength left. I used it all trying to save my soulmate. Our good memories make everything hurt more. It is all a reminder of something wonderful I’ll never have again. 😭

Our hands together, one last time, at the funeral home.
Our hands together, one last time, at the funeral home. This is the pose we had our hands in when we announced we were engaged.

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