Help with Pressure (Bed) Sores Needed!

Yes, they’re turning her (mostly) every 2 hours. Yes, they’re packing the wounds. But the bleach solution they are using is doing very little in the way of healing. And she has severe tissue loss. We can’t risk them getting worse — or her getting a bone infection (osteomyelitis) on top of it.

Any medical people here with experience in pressure sores? Especially stage 3-4. Or know someone who is? I think the hospital screwed up from the beginning. I don’t think she’d have them (or as bad) if they’d done right from the beginning in November.

The more I read, the more I think they’re not doing everything they should be now (and I am fairly certain they think it doesn’t matter either at this point, and that needs to change).

What can they put in/on the wounds besides the bleach solution? At least two of her sores have tunneling to contend with too. What should we ask the dietitian/nutrition people about (not that they’re that great, but….) to have added to her diet to boost her chances of healing?

I really want to improve her level of care before it gets any later.

To those of you who responded to this post in comments/email after seeing it first on Facebook in Teresa’s closed group,  thank you! I have made notes of all your suggestions so we can follow-up on them ASAP. 

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