February 2, 2018

Here I am, almost 6 months since they removed most of my tumor. It’s the week between chemo cycles, and I’m doing pretty good. Mostly tired. Next week is Round (Cycle) 2. I know each one gets a little worse, just not sure how much.  The hardest part of the first* chemo was the bone pain and the loss of my taste buds. Not sure what to expect from this second** chemo, but my guess is nausea. I’m just taking it one day at a time. Amanda is the planner. I focus on the “now”.

For now, my days involve the random Naps, episodes of Fixer Upper or Forged in Fire. There is something oddly interesting about watching people make weapons from little blocks of metal. Other days, I spend my time doing jigsaw puzzles. I got that from my Oma. Except we usually had pizza & beer when we did one together. I have to skip the beer for now while I’m taking so many medications. And some days, I regress to my childhood. The spirograph I got this Christmas is still just as fun as it was 40 years ago!

I do enjoy the phone calls and visits from family and friends. You all are great. I love you.

If anyone needs the number, please email Amanda. She will get it to you.

More later.

*First Chemo = Gemzar/Taxotere (gem/tax).

*Second Chemo = Doxorubicin/Olaratumab (dox/olara) – what I’m currently receiving.

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