Downward Slope?

Things are not going well right now. Huge change from yesterday.. she’s extremely out of it. The morphine dries her out and then she can’t talk or swallow well. She’s begging for something that isn’t morphine but the pharmacy for this floor doesn’t have the PCA pump for dilaudid, so morphine. But morphine is making her miserable and the answer is pretty much tough shit. They wouldn’t even offer an alternative at all (like oxycodone, for example). Morphine or nothing.

I asked about her going back downstairs into Ballad’s care. Again.

Dr M was here earlier and was very concerned the end was near.

And then Teresa woke up, sort of, and sang about wanting Perrier (and is drinking it). She’s getting a unit of blood. By her choice she is watching the hospital’s info channel. First we got a lovely segment on baby diarrhea, and then caring for the uncircumcised penis. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Thankfully, Sara muted it in between the two.

But even with her waking up and drinking, make no mistake that things are VERY bad right now.

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