Clarification For Today’s Earlier Post!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me clinical trial links! Apologies for the misunderstanding. We are NOT looking for a clinical trial for her to join.

Her awesome medical oncologist is working on getting the chemo for her to take just on her own. Additionally, at this time, Teresa is in no shape to make trips to a clinical trial. It’s hard enough just to take the 30 minute drive to the cancer center from our apartment (or the 2 1/2 hour drive from my parents’ house). 

Today was actually the anniversary of her first day of chemo. She is in worse shape now than she was then. It really is almost like the surgery never happened and we’re repeating this last year . . . but with more tumors. 😭 

Open clinical trials, even if they’re for sarcoma, even if specifically LMS, are not going to be seen as supporting evidence for her insurance either because it won’t tell them any factual evidence outcomes that will help prove medical necessity. 

However, completed clinical trials with accessible results which support cabozantinib for sarcoma/LMS, should/would be considered supporting evidence for her insurance, I believe. 

Hope this clarification helps. Sorry for any misunderstandings that we were trying to get her into an actual trial right now!

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