Teresa really enjoyed listening to Amanda sing, and so, Amanda recorded a lot of songs for Teresa over the years. Many of them are on Amanda’s favorite karaoke site, so she’s sharing the links here for you to enjoy too. Be sure you’re actually going to the page on SingSnap to listen to it, because that’s where you’ll find any explanation Amanda wrote about why she chose a particular song. Some are just included because it was a song Teresa really enjoyed hearing Amanda sing. If a song has a photo slideshow embedded, it will only work on a computer at this time. SingSnap doesn’t know yet if they will be able to add it to the app functions or not.

Some songs may show up more than once. They are different recordings from different days/years. They should all be public recordings. If we’ve accidentally included any that are not, it is totally free to create an account. (And if you’re up to leaving Amanda “love” or a comment on any of the recordings, which she’d love, you’ll need an account to do so.)

If you see any comments from TAG68, that’s my T. She wasn’t always able to comment, but she told me all the time how much she loved my singing. And how much she loved singing with me, since I didn’t mind if she was off key. That she’d grown up being told not to sing since she couldn’t sing. We enjoyed singing together, and did so all the time. Everything from 2010 back is going to say the singer is mysticsong. That is my original SingSnap account. – Amanda

Below is a screenshot of the bottom half of the SingSnap music player. The A that is circled is accessible on MOST songs. If it turns on/becomes clickable once you press play, that means you can click it to see the lyrics while the song plays.

SingSnap Player Controls with the A button circled in red








Song TitleDate Recorded
The Story2 July 2019
Brave2 July 2019
The Dance23 June 2019
Hallelujah23 June 2019
Broken22 June 2019
Brown Eyed Girl10 June 2019
My Heart Will Go On23 May 2019
Both Sides Now26 April 2019
Baby Mine (Alison Krauss's version)28 March 2019
Here Comes Goodbye1 March 2019
Goodbye1 March 2019
Hello1 March 2019
How Do You Fall In Love1 March 2019
My Heart Belongs To Me28 February 2019
You Got It23 February 2019
Hurt11 February 2019
You'll Never Know11 February 2019
The Glory of Love2 February 2019
Baby Mine (Bette Midler's version)11 January 2019
Total Eclipse of the Heart24 December 2018
Bring On the Rain20 November 2018
The Story19 November 2018
Unconditionally19 November 2018
The Night We Met27 December 2017
Love Me Tender19 August 2017
Come To My Window20 September 2015
Both Sides Now23 June 2015
Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)20 June 2015
I Want You To Want Me3 June 2015
To Make You Feel My Love (Adele's version)24 March 2015
Edelweiss2 March 2015
Heaven26 October 2014
My God (from Sister Act - I do all the Nun voices)19 October 2014
As If We Never Said Goodbye10 October 2014
The Rose20 August 2014
For Your Eyes Only6 June 2014
Something Good29 January 2014
Johnny B. Goode27 December 2013
The Lonely Goatherd5 December 2013
Kiss the Girl31 October 2013
Part Of Your World31 October 2013
I'll Never Tell (from the musical episode of Buffy)17 October 2013
Dark Side23 September 2013
Don't Know Why8 July 2013
Return to Pooh Corner24 June 2013
Til There Was You26 May 2013
Edelweiss16 May 2013
Somewhere Out There16 May 2013
For Your Eyes Only2 May 2013
A Soft Place to Fall10 March 2013
When You Say Nothing At All (Has some of our story and photos.)23 January 2013 - 6 years later I would be a widow.
The Way We Were14 January 2013
The Anniversary Waltz13 December 2011
The Lonely Goatherd1 December 2011
Maria1 December 2011
Edelweiss1 December 2011
Hallelujah30 November 2011
The One11 April 2010
Right In Time18 March 2010
How Do You Fall In Love12 February 2010
Everything9 February 2010
Flashdance . . . What a Feeling22 December 2009
The 12 Days Of Christmas: A duet with Teresa. (It's a parody song. The words don't really fit the music, rhythm, etc, so we're both off and off key, but .... who cares. I'm glad I have this.) 8 December 2009
Always On My Mind2 December 2009
Lonely This Christmas (And every Yule and Christmas for the rest of my life.)1 December 2009
Hero6 April 2009

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