Celebration of Life

. . . You lift me to this place
And make me feel so beautiful
As long as you’re right here by my side
We will be gorgeous, you and I . . . 

Teresa’s Celebration of Life was held Saturday, June 8, 2019.

Photos and Info from Teresa’s Celebration of Life are available in this memorial video that Amanda put together in January 2023. They do not include photos of who was there, but you will get to see the tribute/memorial setup to Teresa.

The video is posted in the Remembering Teresa group on Facebook and on her and Teresa’s FB walls as well. (Updated Jan 26, 2023)

[ So, what is a Celebration of Life anyway? | Music (under construction) | Why might I share my memories of T? And how do I do it? ]

Tiger Lily - Teresa's favorite flower.
Tiger Lily – Teresa’s favorite flower.

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