A Few of My Favorite Things (by T)

Teresa's Painted Pottery - a sea turtle and sea horse - done at The Glazed Bisque-It.

Many people have asked what my favorite things to do are. I’d have to say top of my list is having friends and family come and visit me over the last year. The person who drove the furthest was my friend Maura, who drove over 12 hours to come see me the weekend before my birthday. That was simply awesome!

Those who visit many times, or who have opened their home to us on our trips, are really great. Love you all – Maria, Maura, Vanessa, Sara, Kristin, Heidi, Marcia, Susan!! And my brother’s family who drove a long distance from Kansas to spend their Spring Break with us in Pigeon Forge.

Please know that I appreciate all of my visitors — whether you’re here for an hour or two or for a week.

But to answer everyone’s question as to what I do for fun/what I enjoy doing, I love painting ceramics! When we have a little extra cash, we go the Glazed Bisque-It in Roanoke and spend the afternoon painting. I also enjoy paint-by-numbers (I know, not very creative). I would like someday to try real painting, but I have no idea where to start. Hmmm…. I guess I should start with getting advice from my Great Aunt Sally. She is an awesome artist!

(The seahorse and sea turtle were painted by Teresa. The dragons, the mermaid, the gnome, and the Unicorn (in classic generation My Little Pony style) were painted by Amanda.)


I like watching cooking shows. They inspire me to be creative in the kitchen. I do need to get baking items to help decorate with, and to fill things with (like jelly donuts). The kitchen supply store here in Roanoke doesn’t really have much to choose from. But I would love to have ways to show off my creative side in the kitchen! What are some of your favorite baking gadgets? I’d love to learn what others like to use. As of right now, I don’t have much more than a Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer (as cool baking tools go).

Most people already know how much I love any science, especially the Earth sciences. (For those of you didn’t know, it goes back years! My degree is actually in Meteorology! I got to be on TV too, when I was a student at Nassau Community College (Long Island), when there was a Lunar Eclipse. Amanda converted my tape of it to DVD a few years ago, and then put it on YouTube. You can watch the clip here!)

I get the most excited when storms come through area, or when I can spend time stargazing. But I like inside sciences too. I’ve considered getting some of the box kits you find at book stores or craft stores. You know, like the ones that grow crystals, or kits involving microscopes.


I’ve also thought of things I did when I was younger. I mean, really younger, and Legos were always fun! That was when there weren’t Lego kits like there are today. However, I would like to someday do one of them; something from Star WarsStar TrekLord of the Rings, or Harry Potter. To me, these sets are very similar to 3-D jigsaw puzzles, which I just adore doing.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things I could include in my favorite things and favorite activities, but right now, this is what comes to mind.

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