Voicemail (or Texts) for Teresa

If you would like to just leave Teresa a voice mail on her new iPhone that she can listen to as she is able, please " target="_blank">e-mail me or send me a FB message with your cell # in it, and I will send hers back to you. If you get a message that the phone is full, please let me know so I can free up room. (If we’re not friends on FB, I may not see your message right away because it will go into ‘requests’ not ‘inbox’ so in that case, e-mail will be faster for you.)

I’m moving messages she has already listened to over to her Google Drive so she can listen to them indefinitely without them taking up room on the phone.

Please note that at this time, Teresa does not have the cell phone with her for risk of it being broken, lost, or stolen. I’m keeping it for now, and I take it to her when there are texts or voicemails.

Please do NOT call her hospital room unless you have cleared it with whomever is at the hospital with her when you want to call (or have texted me and found out if it’s a good time). Teresa’s sleep schedule is all out of sorts, and when she can get sleep, she needs to sleep. (As does whomever is staying with her; usually my Mom.) If one of the nurses moved the phone off of her bed, Teresa can’t even get to it when it rings. And her mouth is still so dry from them keeping her NPO so long, so many different times, that talking on the phone is difficult for her.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t ever speak with her on the phone again — just that you make sure it’s a good time before you call.

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