Thursday, August 24, 2017

We waited for hours, but no call came.

We finally called and spoke to someone at the clinic, and learned they were still trying to get the referral (they’d faxed Kramer but had not received a reply) and that the bloodwork wasn’t back yet.

At 7pm, Dr. Andrews called. He told us her hemoglobin, which should be around 12 or higher, was at 7.7 and we needed to go to the ER of our choice and get her an emergency blood transfusion. He also told us the mass was 35cm (12-15″), and had spread to her ovaries. He didn’t say it had spread anywhere else. They’d done a thyroid panel and liver panel. He didn’t mention them.

We made some calls, packed up some things, and headed back to Bristol.

We were taken to triage just after 8:30pm. They took blood for labs, and did a Doppler ultrasound to check for clots in her right leg, which is much more swollen than her left, although the left has swelling too. They didn’t see any clots.

At 12:58am, we were finally admitted and in a room. Her blood transfusion finished shortly after that, and they started her on IV fluids.

We are scheduled to see a surgeon in the morning.

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