Records to NYC: Overnight Air

Mom and I sent Teresa’s medical records to Dr. Kato’s office last night (Air Overnight via UPS at a price of nearly $200!). It arrived at 4:10pm this afternoon. Hopefully he will say he can help her (and soon)! *fingers crossed!*

As of January 17, we are still waiting. Supposedly we will hear something tomorrow (Friday, January 18th). An NP on Teresa’s case claims she did a follow-up call for me to try to get things moved along faster, hospital to hospital. But I have an underlying fear she may have tried to talk them out of it, because she, like pretty much everyone else, thinks we’re ridiculous, and probably that we made up a lot of the facts about the kinds of surgery this doctor does.

Check out the Resources page to learn more about Dr. Kato. I have several great links there!

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