Out of ICU (again)

Just heard from Teresa’s night RN, Jared. She’s being moved up to a regular med-surge floor now (he was just waiting on extra hands, I think).

He also told me that when he cleaned and redressed her bed sores, there was almost no visible necrotic tissue. That’s a BIG change from what I saw on December 31st!

(I have photos from the 31st — no worries, I will NOT be posting them! — so I hope to be there when they do the next dressing change so I can compare for myself. What he thinks isn’t a lot may not be the same was what I think isn’t a lot. …. But there have also been other things which make me hopeful that the pressure sores truly are improving.)

Now to get her off NPO status and back on her feeding tube so that she will have enough nutrients to keep the healing going. That is something that a lot of the people don’t seem to get. Yes, the tumor may be impeding healing, but they’re doing an even bigger job of impeding healing by keeping her malnourished. It is a constant struggle!

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