Monday, August 28, 2017

T has had a very busy day!

After being up and down all night (losing more of the built up fluids!), she had her NG tube taken out!!

She is mostly still NPO, but has ice chips now. This is getting her used to sort of eating again, and not putting her in the possible position of having to have a bowel movement early in the morning when she isn’t quite awake, especially since that will take more muscle use.

She’s been very good at, as she put it, training the nurses! Teresa is running her own version of the Help Desk from her bed! Very assertive. It’s great to watch. I called her from the apartment earlier today, and she sounded just like she does at work!

We thought PT was coming today to get her up and into a chair, but they never showed. Later, a nurse told Dad that T had declined, and we concluded there’d been a misunderstanding. We think someone mentioned Rehab, meaning PT, but T thought they meant a Rehab facility, which she doesn’t want. One of the night nurses told her just to tell her nurse in the morning that she does want the in-house PT.

Pathology: The latest word is that we get the results on Wednesday. We have no idea what time of day, or if Wednesday is an estimate or an actual date.

Discharge: Still unknown. And I really want to be sure she can handle solid foods before they release her.

Breathing Exercises: She is working on this as best as she can as her muscles heal. (It’s a vertical incision from just under her rib cage to her pelvis. If you ask, she will be happy to have me email you a photo of it. It was taken between bandage changes, so it also shows how well her skin is healing, and that there’s no redness.)

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