Mediport & CT Scan

We’ll go down to BRMC in the morning for Teresa to get her mediport put in. The entire time frame from check-in to finish is about 4 hours, but the procedure itself should only take about 20-30 minutes. Once she has woken up in Recovery, and they make sure everything is okay, she’ll be good to go. This is an outpatient procedure, with, we believe, general anesthesia. (I’ve read some people get it with local, but from what we’ve seen in her chart updates, this will be under general.)

Since the surgery is happening later than we expected, we worked with a CT Tech to get her CT pushed to early Monday afternoon. We’re also getting the chemo education session on Monday (after the CT) instead of the morning of chemo. We like this plan better, because it gives us more time to process all of the information and come up with questions ahead of time (instead of minutes before the treatment starts).

We’re hoping to find out on Monday how many cycles of chemo she’ll be having. I will share that when we know.

I will also let you all know how the mediport surgery goes tomorrow. (Some sections of the hospital have great internet and others have no service at all, so I may not be able to update right away.)

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